Since I primarily work in the field of technical curriculum development, I find it important (and exciting) to stay up to date with new technologies, trends, and techniques in software development. Below are some of the projects I've worked on.

I enjoy teaching myself new skills and tools just as much as I enjoy teaching others, so some of these projects may not be as polished as others. I find value in all of my projects, finished or not, because I always learn at least one new thing from each.

Datadog: Technical Curriculum Developer & Trainer

Build hands-on labs, courses, and workshops to support current and prospective customers maximize their effectiveness in using the Datadog suite of products.

2U, Inc: Lead Curriculum Developer & Instructor

Built With:

  • Git/GitHub/
  • JavaScript/
  • Node.js/
  • React/Next.js/
  • MySQL/
  • MongoDB/
  • Express/
  • Sass/
  • Webpack/
  • Firebase/
  • Testing

Taught, designed, and built curriculum for online and instructor-led full-stack web development courses.

Built With:

  • HTML/
  • CSS/
  • JavaScript/
  • jQuery/
  • Foundation CSS Framework/
  • Moment.js/
  • Firebase/
  • SoundCloud API/
  • YouTube API

A custom music player that combines audio from SoundCloud with visuals from YouTube.

p5 Playground

Built With:

  • p5.js/
  • Node.js/
  • JavaScript/
  • Parcel/
  • Commander

I wanted a place to keep my p5 sketches outside of the p5 editor, so I built a command line app that allows me to quickly switch between sketches.

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